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Lucie Papikova

kinesiology session

Creating a safe space for you by setting the appropriate framework for each session is essential to me.

This includes mutual respect, non-judgemental attitude and absolute confidentiality. You also have the right to say stop at any moment (due to a physical pain or any other discomfort). These boundaries allow building a trustful therapeutic relationship.

Based on the original your request, we formulate the goal for the session. This goal enables us to define more specifically the topic we will be working on. During the session, I use muscle testing that measures the reaction of the muscle tension as indicator of the energetic change. This test allows to define which technique in my toolbox is the most appropriate to reply to your requirements.

You will receive explanations about the muscle testing in order to be able to understand at any time what is happening in the session.

Learning how to accurately practice self-observation will provide you with a very powerful self-healing tool for major realisations.

Once the technique to be used has been defined, we use the appropriate exercises in line with your physical and emotional limits. The balances are multiple: emotional stress release technique through visualisation, eye movements, light gymnastic exercises to release muscle tension, massage of acupressure points, massage of points on the spine, stimulation of neuro-vascular points, and others. 

An open and honest communication constitutes a major asset to accompany you in the best way.

Your feedback at the end of the session brings me precious information about how you feel about the work we did together and about your new attitude towards the goal in the session.

My clients say

I had 2 sessions with Lucie and each time it allowed me to find answers and solutions to difficult questions stemming from my personal past. Lucie has an incredible capacity to listen and lead you through the process of reconnecting with one’s emotions that we sometimes cannot name or identify on our own. I would recommend kinesiology with Lucie to anyone who wants to move on in life with a mental or emotional burden or difficulty through unlocking with her a new resourceful tool to deal with one’s problem.
June 2019
What I experienced with Lucie was someone with empathy, she listened, was patient, and afterwards I felt empowered. I had tools to use for myself on my own, things that I found with her that I can use daily with confidence. I have had several sessions with her, each unique for what I needed, and each quite effective. She also has a sense of humor that set me at ease, and I felt comfortable to move into the things that were causing me stress. ​
november 2018
I would strongly recommend Lucie as she is highly professional. I felt listened to and understood. She provided me a great support and I left the session feeling energized and ready to face the stress I was working on with her. I can say I felt happier after our session.
October 2018
A few words come in mind when you first hear about what Kinesiology is - "strange", "abstract", "mystic" are only some. What Lucie does is actually fantastic. Even if it is only out of curiosity, it is worth in getting a session with her. You learn about the method, you start to feel better, and you even have some fun, which is inevitable with a person like Lucie. Cheerful and open-minded she will make you feel at ease and happy to be there right then. The best part though comes after some sessions - you really start to feel the difference as you become happier, somehow balanced and in peace. It is not easy to describe, best is to experience it yourself!
June 2017
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