Kinesiology in Geneva

Lucie PapikovA, MA

Swiss certified kinesiologist, stress therapist


President of Brain gym® Suisse association

welcome to the world of new tools to release your stress

Are you looking for solutions to your daily stress situations such as:

▪️ Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, burn out, trauma
▪️ Chronic pain, emotional inbalance
▪️ Psychosomatic troubles

▪️ Lack of concentration, focus or organisation

▪️ Learning difficulties

▪️ Self-confidence or self-worth issues

▪️ Addictions, compensation tendencies

▪️ Lack of motivation, drive or joy in life

You are at the right place!

Kinesiology provides quick and immediate solutions. It allows you to learn in a simple and very efficient way how to relieve your stress and take care of yourself in the easiest way. 

test musculaire kineioslogie Lucie Papikova


Thanks to easy-to-use therapeutic tools, you will be able to quickly release your stress and start the changes in your life to feel better, lighter and more empowered.  

kinesiologie Lucie Papikova course classes workshops


Come and learn self-developement techniques with a goal to reduce your stress, boost your concentration, improve organisation and increase your energy levels. 

Lucie Papikova kinésiologue thérapeute de stress Genève Zürich

About me

I am a highly skilled professional holding 3 Masters degrees and speaking 6 languages with a backgroud of 12+ years of experience in corporate environment.


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