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AMSTAR (an Amazingly Simple Trauma Release Technique) was developped by Sharon Plaskett, former international faculty member of Brain Gym® and Touch for Health.

Sharon has developed her own technique for the release of emotional and physical stress. In her own words: AMSTAR is a technique so simple that even a child can learn and use it. 

This method consists of  focused meditation for easing the stress of trauma or emotional shock and its effect.

It is a powerful tool for relaxation and stress reduction, with the aim of turning stress into strength.

During this 2-day course (16 hours), you will learn this technique with the goal of using it independently whenever you need it. 

You can combine it with other techniques you already know to increase your own well-being or to support the well-being of someone else. 

This course is open to everyone, with no prerequisites.

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Emotional visualisation: Gingerbread man before and after the session

amstar trauma release technique lucie Papikova kinesiology zurich
amstar trauma release technique lucie Papikova kinesiology zurich

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