I approached Lucie with a very intimate topic that had been bothering me for years and, as a result, been limiting my personal life. Due to the nature of my block, I didn't know what to do about it and had no idea whether there was anything that could be done. Right at the beginning of my first visit, I was surprised by the muscle test and the way in which my body responded to Lucie's questions. Thanks to the muscle test, my body also chose two methods - eye movements and visualization - that Lucie used to unblock my problem. It only took three sessions and my problem, which I had been struggling with for a long time, completely disappeared. Lucie makes a very professional impression. Her sessions are conducted in a friendly and open atmosphere. I feel much better and more relaxed after our meetings. I am very grateful to Lucie for her understanding approach and can sincerely recommend her to everyone - she will definitely help you, as much as she helped me, with even the most complex, long-term problem.
April 2022
I went to see Lucie with a rather sensitive and intimate topic that I have been struggling for more than 15 years. My shyness prevented me from mentioning it any other therapists I have worked with before. Now, I felt it was the right time and Lucie was the right person to work on this very important topic for me. My problem was that every time I would be with a woman I liked, I would feel so much stress that I could not perform in bed. Since I was a teenager, I could not get an erection without VIAGRA. I was lacking selfconfidence and was ashamed of myself. Lucie explained to me that kinesiology could help me with my psychological block in order to overcome it. She is a very professional therapist who knows how to put you at ease, without judging you. After just one session, I was confident enough to try without my blue pill, for the first time in my life! And It worked!!! This first step was a huge deal for me and I thank Lucie for helping me starting this new chapter in my life!
June 2021
Dear Lucie, thank you very much for our session today. I turned to you without really knowing how a virtual session with you could help me and I’m still amazed about all what was uncovered and addressed during our session. You are incredibly skilled therapist, your technique seemed so simple that I was doubting it would have any effect at all and yet it was so impressive. Your way of asking the right questions pushed me to look even deeper for answers and even though I can’t explain how, I feel better, more grounded, aware and I see (finally) how I can help myself out of my mess. I’m sitting here doing some inner work and I’m already super excited for our next session next week.
July 2021
The session I did with Lucie was my first touchpoint with Kinesiology. It was interesting to experience that process, which works a bit differently from more different approaches. I felt very well taken care of and Lucie made sure to create an open and non-judgemental environment between us. She also explained the process very well and was open to the questions I had. Thank you Lucie for this pleasant first-time experience!
November 2020
I had 2 sessions with Lucie and each time it allowed me to find answers and solutions to difficult questions stemming from my personal past. Lucie has an incredible capacity to listen and lead you through the process of reconnecting with one’s emotions that we sometimes cannot name or identify on our own. I would recommend kinesiology with Lucie to anyone who wants to move on in life with a mental or emotional burden or difficulty through unlocking with her a new resourceful tool to deal with one’s problem.
june 2019
What I experienced with Lucie was someone with empathy, she listened, was patient, and afterwards I felt empowered. I had tools to use for myself on my own, things that I found with her that I can use daily with confidence. I have had several sessions with her, each unique for what I needed, and each quite effective. She also has a sense of humor that set me at ease, and I felt comfortable to move into the things that were causing me stress.
november 2018
I would strongly recommend Lucie as she is highly professional. I felt listened to and understood. She provided me a great support and I left the session feeling energized and ready to face the stress I was working on with her. I can say I felt happier after our session.
Octobre 2018
A few words come in mind when you first hear about what Kinesiology is - "strange", "abstract", "mystic" are only some. What Lucie does is actually fantastic. Even if it is only out of curiosity, it is worth in getting a session with her. You learn about the method, you start to feel better, and you even have some fun, which is inevitable with a person like Lucie. Cheerful and open-minded she will make you feel at ease and happy to be there right then. The best part though comes after some sessions - you really start to feel the difference as you become happier, somehow balanced and in peace. It is not easy to describe, best is to experience it yourself!
June 2017