double doodle play course

Double Doodle Play (or Drawing with both hands) is a branch of Educational Kinesiology techniques developped by Paul Dennison, PHD and his wife Gail. While using both your hands and both your eyes, you activate your whole body.

Come and experience your ambidextrous creative potential during this fun course open to all, especially to those who think they can’t draw.

Using both hands in the creative process is extremely liberating. You will:

🖌 deepen the connection to your body by being in the present moment

🖌 discover your abilities to express yourself in a creative manner

🖌 improve the fine motor skills of both hands and your hand-eye coordination

During this 1-day course (8h), you will experience your inner creativity. You will strengthen your self-confidence and access your creative potential.

This class is open to everyone. There are no prerequisites.

Come and have some creative fun!

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It's relaxing and it's fun!

Double Doodle Play workshop class Lucie Papikova Geneva Zurich kinesiology

Bring joy to your life by discovering your creative faculties

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