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Lucie Papikova

Swiss certified kinesiologist

President of Brain gym® Suisse association

Lucie Papikova stress therapist kinesiologist Geneva Zürich

Lucie PapikoVa

My passion for self-development and self-healing led me to discover kinesiology in 2011. Various great techniques (among others psychotherapy, coaching, and shamanism), helped me on different levels. But my craving for a quick and efficient stress release in my life has been satisfied by receiving kinesiology balances. 

Being a very Cartesian person, I was hesitant at first. My doubts vanished after the first balance I received from a friend. The profound discomfort I was experiencing at that time was healed in one session! Amazing in its simplicity and its efficiency, the technique instantly tamed me. Three months later, thanks to this revelation, I embraced the full three years training to become therapist in kinesiology.

During my studies, many impactful discoveries occurred. The safe benevolent space of the classroom gave me the opportunity to fully explore my own faculties the way I  have always wanted to. I gradually started to feel stronger and empowered in so many ways! 

Many people search, sometimes for years, for THE efficient method that would help them improve their life. I don’t pretend to know the reply to all problems, my goal is to share this wonderful set of techniques with anyone who might be interested.

The secure space of my practice, where I accompany you, allows you to connect with yourself and remember your talents, strengths, and abilities that slumber in you in a self-empowering way. The aim is to start living your life in the way that feels right and adapted to you.  

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