Kinesiology is, in my experience, the FASTEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD of getting rid of the psychological and mental stress in your life.

Kinesiology is a set of soft, respectful and non-invasive techniques with a holistic approach that enables you to release your stress and change your life thanks to therapeutic tools. You will learn those tools so you can apply them in your everyday life in order to reach your personal goals.  

Kinesiology works on multiple levels that are interconnected: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. As per your priorities, we will work on those that are important to be balanced first. You will be accompanied towards your potential in its entirety while acknowledging your self-empowerment

To reply to a variety of your requirements, diverse techniques for balances constitute my toolbox. Inspired from traditional Chinese medicine and osteopathy, they aim to balance energy movements in your body

Kinesiology takes you to a safe personal benevolent space where you feel comfortable to work on important topics in your life. The realisations you make in this secure space have direct influence on your behavior and on the way how you perceive your reality. You realise that you can overcome your own restricting limitations. Kinesiology helps you to discover that you have the faculties to change your behavior that no longer works for your current life

Kinesiology assists you in connecting to yourself and your body. It allows you to integrate new thoughts and respect yourself and your values. 


Techniques I use to serve you in the best way

Muscle testing 1

Muscle testing 1 Papikova
Muscle testing 2 Papikova Kinesiology Geneve

Muscle testing 2

individual kinesiology session

Creating a safe space for you by setting the appropriate framework for each individual kinesiology session is essential to me.

This includes mutual respect, non-judgemental attitude and absolute confidentiality. You also have the right to say stop at any moment (due to a physical pain or any other discomfort). These boundaries allow building a trustful therapeutic relationship.

Based on the original your request, we formulate the goal for the session. This goal enables us to define more specifically the topic we will be working on. During the session, I use muscle testing that measures the reaction of the muscle tension as indicator of the energetic change. This test allows to define which technique in my toolbox is the most appropriate to reply to your requirements.

You will receive explanations about the muscle testing in order to be able to understand at any time what is happening in the session.

Learning how to accurately practice self-observation will provide you with a very powerful self-healing tool for major realisations.

Once the technique to be used has been defined, we use the appropriate exercises in line with your physical and emotional limits. The balances are multiple: emotional stress release technique through visualisation, eye movements, light gymnastic exercises to release muscle tension, massage of acupressure points, massage of points on the spine, stimulation of neuro-vascular points, and others. 

An open and honest communication constitutes a major asset to accompany you in the best way.

Your feedback at the end of the session brings me precious information about how you feel about the work we did together and about your new attitude towards the goal in the session.