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We live in a world that can generate stress in so many ways, especially when our basic needs are not met. Our different responses to those pressures may not always be adapted. Our ultimate goal is to be able to deal with daily situations in a calm, focused, and constructive manner. 
I organise participative conferences and workshops on How to release stress with Brain Gym® where you can experience in real time, with movement, where you stand in your stress management. You can learn new tools, and directly apply concrete exercises that will help you to modify your response to stress so you feel empowered by your actions. 
Check out pictures and feedback from participants to the conference organised on June 16th 2018, in collaboration between Brain Gym Suisse Association, and Alptis, a French insurance company that promotes activities on heath prevention. 

Feedback from participants

Thank you for this beautiful discovery! Dynamic presentation, very convincing demonstration, we traveled well with you Lucie. The exercises are simple and we quickly noticed their effects. The fact that everyone can apply the technique, in their own way, is certainly an additional asset.
Hélène L.
A big thank you to Lucie for having presented Brain Gym® to us. These little exercises, that look like it was nothing, have surprising effects! I was in a hurry for Monday to put them into practice... Which I did (long live the Owl - silent for me thought!). I will tackle this to overcome the stress, and I will succeed thanks to you! Thank you again.
Sincerely, Frédérique S.